Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

Here are a few pics from our little Christmas party.  Look for a few repurposed beauties!

This pretty centerpiece used to be a lampshade in a previous life! I bought it at Girls Gone Junkin at the First Monday Canton Flea Market. You can find them here.   I added crystals and candles for a new look!

 Repurposing old ornaments AND old jewelry!

Do you see the Noel banner on the mantle?  It began life as a pearl collar and some doorplates/escutcheons.  I mixed them together & added some bling for a one of a kind Christmas banner! 

Easy centerpiece using two silver trays, ornaments, candles, and greenery!

 I draped vintage beaded gowns on my dining room buffet table as a base for decorations.  The crowns you see here - I made with wooden coutouts and vintage pieces of broken jewelry, doorplates, key hole plates, etc.

More crowns made with jewelry pieces, ribbon and found items.

Kids' Table

Don't you just love the vintage santa mugs?  I had a few when I was growing up!  They bring back great Christmas memories!

Easy Easy!  Just fill jars with ornaments and pine cones.  I also added magnolia pods from my sister's yard.

 Wall hanging that I made from vintage linens, broken jewelry, chandelier crystals, drawer pull backplates.

Wreath I made from a vintage gown, trumpet, feathers, ribbons, magnolia pods, and chandelier crystals.

 Love the rhinestones surrounding this classic image!

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