Friday, January 25, 2013

Repurposing = Interesting

Why use a plain old picture frame?  Liven up your photos with some repurposed pretties.  This also works well for any small photograph that needs more presence.  This 2 x 3  photo is one of my personal favorites; it's my two sisters and one of my brothers.  We always tease him about his frown in this picture.

This  was a wooden plinth that I bought at the Canton Flea Market in Texas.  I chose a photo of my siblings (some of them anyway), and sewed some lace on the edges of the photo.

The top piece was also a flea market find.  I drilled a hole in the top of the wood and put a dowel into the hole with glue, then topped the dowel with the metal piece and let the glue dry.  I've titled this piece "Les Soeurs, Le Frere" or Sisters and brother.  Why the french?  We grew up in South Louisiana where a lot of people still speak french.  My dad made sure we learned it, even if we didn't want to....It was actually his first language, and he learned english when he started school.  And my mother was a french teacher for many years.  So, we are a bilingual family.

 This metal piece was an escutcheon, or drawer pull backing.  I attached it with two upholstery tacks.  And, of course, a little bling at the top!

At the bottom, I added a drawer pull, and the bottom of a broken rosary, which reminds me of the rosaries we prayed as a family on long trips.

Then I hung it on the wall, and hung a frame around it to give it more presence.  Way more interesting than a tiny photo on a wall.  It is hanging in my kitchen.  Voila!

And just for's another project where I used this photo - this time I made a copy and used only my brother.  Here it is!  :  )
 I made him into a little witch!  Ha ha ha...I just love his little frown!
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mother Daughter Tea Party

Spring will come.  Spring will come.  That is my mantra!  All this cold and rainy/foggy weather will end, and then we can move on to happier sunny days!  To get everyone thinking ahead -- here is a post on a Mother-Daughter Tea Party that I hosted with my daughter just for fun!  Of course, it would work as a birthday party as well.

This was the table for the daughters...I tied strips of pink tulle to the top of the 2-tiered serving tray.  I also wrapped pink tulle around the edges of each tier using double stick tape.

I added a canopy over the girls' tables.  A little more pink tulle pinned on to the canopy, and...can you see the little flowers hanging from the canopy?  I attached them with a needle and thread, let them hang down and blow in the breeze!

And this was the Mommy table!  See the little tea pot shaped cookies?  I made sugar cookies and used a tea pot shaped cookie cutter.  Easy!  The little cone shaped flower centerpiece  -- I made with floral foam cut into a cone shape, pinned the layered leaves on with straight pins, and then stuck the flower stems in on top of the leaves.  So Fun!

I pulled out all  my lovely crochet doiles to pretty things up!

My neighbor let me borrow her china...oh, and the red roses are from her yard too!....My roses were not cooperating...Of course, she and her daughter came to the party too!  : )

The girls wore their favorite dress or costume!  Fabulous!  Look at those tiaras!  Every girl needs an excuse to wear her tiara!

Our craft activity was to make these lovely tissue paper hats...complete with stickers to decorate them!

I hired two teenage girls to help with manicures and serving tea....They had just as much fun as the little ones!

And, of course, a fabulous fashion show with all the girls!  They all chose either something they brought, or they could choose from my daughter's dress up box.  Sorry about that blurry picture, someone touched the camera lense...probably me...

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

Here are a few pics from our little Christmas party.  Look for a few repurposed beauties!

This pretty centerpiece used to be a lampshade in a previous life! I bought it at Girls Gone Junkin at the First Monday Canton Flea Market. You can find them here.   I added crystals and candles for a new look!

 Repurposing old ornaments AND old jewelry!

Do you see the Noel banner on the mantle?  It began life as a pearl collar and some doorplates/escutcheons.  I mixed them together & added some bling for a one of a kind Christmas banner! 

Easy centerpiece using two silver trays, ornaments, candles, and greenery!

 I draped vintage beaded gowns on my dining room buffet table as a base for decorations.  The crowns you see here - I made with wooden coutouts and vintage pieces of broken jewelry, doorplates, key hole plates, etc.

More crowns made with jewelry pieces, ribbon and found items.

Kids' Table

Don't you just love the vintage santa mugs?  I had a few when I was growing up!  They bring back great Christmas memories!

Easy Easy!  Just fill jars with ornaments and pine cones.  I also added magnolia pods from my sister's yard.

 Wall hanging that I made from vintage linens, broken jewelry, chandelier crystals, drawer pull backplates.

Wreath I made from a vintage gown, trumpet, feathers, ribbons, magnolia pods, and chandelier crystals.

 Love the rhinestones surrounding this classic image!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fashion Show Birthday Party

Doesn't every girl need a fabulous birthday party?  Here are the lovely photos from my daughter's 9th birthday.  I made all of the decorations and invitations - aren't they FUN?!  :  )

I made this with pink cardstock and scrapbook paper.

Party Favors
For the Party favors I made little paper shoes and filled them with goodies:  lip gloss, nail polish, stickers, candy and a bottle cap necklace with each girl's initial.For the template to make these paper shoes visit the follwing link:

Peace signs were requested by the birthday girl.  I made them out of paper plates and glued on zebra striped scrapbook paper.  Then punched holes in them and connected them with pink yarn.

The Festive Birthday Table!
The hanging decoration I made with wire in a circle shape, then taped on zebra striped tissue paper strips and pink tissue paper puffs.  I hung it from the ceiling with zebra striped ribbon and a 3M hook.  The cupcakes were on a 2-tiered pedestal that I decorated with wrapping paper.   The cupcakes had wrappers that I made from zebra scrap book paper.



Nail Painting Station

Hair Styling Station

Happy Birthday Banner I made with fabric and ribbon.  I used iron on letters for the wording.

Fashion Show FUN!!

All of the lovely photos were taken by:
 Portraits by Liddie -- Thank you Liddie!! : )